Get Happy

On this page you will find links to Quilting Happiness exercises, projects and tutorials featured on other websites and blogs.

Quilts Delivering Comfort Around the World
Danell Lynn collects handmade quilts, and treks around the world to give them to people in need.
Recovery, Life Skills, and Finished Quilts
Rachel shares her story of volunteering at a women's correctional facility and the struggles and rewards it brings these women.
Quiz: What quilt are they?
A delightful quiz to help you with choices when making for others.
Tools For Happiness: Inspiration Emergency Kit
Originally from the "Inspired to Quilt" chapter, where we delve into what fires up your imagination, and how your creative mind works.
Happiness Practice: A Making Meditation
What do you think about when you make quilted gifts?
Gently Reclaiming an Antique Quilt
Diane talks about the process of reclaiming a quilt made by her grandmother.
Quilting Happiness on American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast
Diane was a guest on Pat Sloan's talk show and talks about how happiness places an important role in quilting.
Creative Eye Opener: How To Find Patchwork In Your Casual Photos
A webinar with Diane and Christina on using your photos to create patchwork pieces with a tutorial on turning a patchwork piece into a journal cover.
A Blog Hop to Celebrate Your Unique Style
A Quilting Happiness blog hop exploring our individual quilting styles through collage.