Quiz: What Quilt Are They?

Princess and the Pea

Image by Christina Lane

Here's a bit of "Happiness" we had to cut from Quilting Happiness for space. It's from the "Quilting For Others" chapter, where we talk about making gift quilts for loved ones, and quilting for charity. Enjoy!

If you’re thinking of making a quilt for someone you love, but aren’t sure which one to choose, why not start with their personality and match a quilt to that? This little quiz might help.

1. What kinds of colors do you see this person wearing most often?
  • a. Bright and bold
  • b. Pale pastels
  • c. Darks and black
  • d. Subtle neutrals

2. How would you describe his or her clothing style?
  • a. Fashion forward
  • b. Feminine
  • c. Masculine
  • d. Simple

3. How would you describe this person’s home?
  • a. Filled with detail
  • b. Rumpled, but comfortable
  • c. Rather chaotic
  • d. Clean and pristine

4. Which of the following best describes his or her personality?
  • a. Active and focused
  • b. Bubbly and cheerful
  • c. Moody and intense
  • d. Stable and serene

5. Which of the following best describes this person’s favorite pastime?
  • a. Being with friends
  • b. Creating things
  • c. Running around sporting
  • d. Curling up reading

Let’s total up the score now.

Add 5 points for each “a” answer, 10 points for each “b” answer, 15 points for each “c” and 20 points for each “d”. Here’s what your total score means:

25-38 points: Here’s a colorful, social personality who deserves a bright, bold quilt. From the book, you might try The Bric a Brac Quilt or the The Petal Pie Quilt.

39-53 points: This score represents a caring, creative person who’d no doubt love a soft, flowing style of quilt. Consider The Plus You Quilt or The Talent Show Quilt, which match that description nicely. For a smaller keepsake, how about making them a Quilter’s Wall Caddy to store their creative tools?

54-67 points: If this is your giftee’s score, you’re quilting for a strong, focused, and even a little bit forceful personality. A graphic quilt like The Can’t Help Myself Quilt or The Starstruck Quilt would be perfect.

68-80 points: This score points to a very calm, laid back personality. A subtle, simple style of quilt would be a great match--how about The Geneva Quilt or The Patchwork Diamonds Quilt? Or for a smaller gift, whip up the Quilter's Tote Bag in a range of neutral shades.

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